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Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshop

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Last edited by steffire3 ; 22 Jul, pm. The "exclusive pet" are either already present enemy or unused file in GUTS. Participants may register online through IMLeagues. Participants that Kleine Annick - Lieve Moeder / Dansen & Zingen T Is Carnaval online must check-in using a valid UI or state-issued photo ID.

Anyone that wishes to register on-site must do so with a valid UI or state-issued photo ID. Back to Top Rule 3: Equipment Lifters should feel free to wear the lifting attire of their choice, so long as it conforms to the dress code of the CRWC. The use of any footwear, provided it conforms to the dress code of the CRWC, is permitted. The use of any equipment which aids a lifter is prohibited; this includes lifting gloves, wrist straps and any other device deemed to be an aid by the Intramural Staff.

Equipment used for the purpose of injury prevention is permitted; this includes chalk, a weight belt, and knee and wrist wraps. Add Smilie.

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Download blocked Please turn off your ad-blocker to download. At the end of the process, the best ideas from each group should be shared with the whole audience.

With this facilitation technique you can immediately include everyone regardless of how large the group is. You can generate better ideas and more of them faster than ever before. You can tap the know-how and imagination that is distributed widely in places not known in advance.

Open, generative conversation unfolds. Ideas and solutions are sifted in rapid fashion. Most importantly, participants own the ideas, so follow-up and implementation is simplified. No buy-in strategies needed! Simple and elegant! The following workshop activities will help you to prioritize the most promising ideas with a large Mister Freeze - Stuntman 5 - Bretzel Arabesque and select up with the best actions and goals to execute.

Every participant receives Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshop set of colourful sticky dots and they place them next to the ideas they find best — the ideas need to be written on post-its or on a board before the voting starts. There are different variations: you may give multiple dots to people and they can choose how many dots they assign to each option they like. This tools quickly helps to recognise without spending time on discussions, which options are the most popular.

One thing to watch out for is the group bias, though: The more voting dot an option collects during the process, the more appealing it may become to get further votes from the participants who still have to assign their dots. For this reason, it is wise to use dot-voting not as a final instrument to select the best option, but as an indicator of which few options are the most popular.

Dotmocracy is a simple method for group prioritization or decision-making. It is not an activity on its Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshopbut a method to use in processes where prioritization or decision-making is the aim.

The method supports a group to quickly see which options are most popular Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshop relevant. The options or ideas are written on post-its and stuck up on a wall for the whole group to see. Each person votes for the options they think are the strongest, and that information is used to inform a decision. These facilitation techniques help Helping You Out - Colours (14) - Colours effectively close a large group session.

They are simple, time-bound and allow every group member to share their opinion and find the key takeaways after a workshop or event. Have you ever met this situation? Someone is asked to present back after a group session and it gets unfocused.

This method helps to maintain attention and forces everyone to stay concise during a closing round with a natural limit: You are only allowed to share your opinion with just one Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshop — that is usually no longer for 30 seconds for most people. In case you have a large group, it works most effectively if you split up the group to circles of participants, in order to keep the feedback round under five minutes. Feedback Mingle is a great closing activity to generate positive energy in the group.

At the end of the session, group members are invited to give feedback to every other member of the group via post-it notes. After people finished writing a post-it note to everyone else in the group, invite them to mingle and deliver the feedback to each other.

The feedback should always happen one-on-one, shared verbally. If you have larger groups, create smaller groups of people who worked together during the event. The Feedback Mingle is an exercise in which every member in a group gives feedback to every other member in the group.


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