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That shit be crazy up in this bitch " This can refer to any circumstance when you are overly excited for a reason, or just tripping balls.

Traditional geographical locations for use of this term are majorly used while rowing down the Orange River. Bunty Stirring the paint Her father was forced out of Simon and Schuster because he thought that paperbacks were never going to take off, and fought the company from moving in that direction.

He never recovered from being forced out. He'd wander around the house in his pajamas morning, noon, and night. He was in a deeply depressive state. Her mother hired a college kid to come and live with them, under the guise of needing a male role model for Peter the youngest so he wouldn't turn into a homosexual. But she was really hiring a gigolo. She was completely Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up and inappropriate. She and Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up houseboy became nudists and would wander about the place with no clothes on and she encouraged her kids to do the same.

The guy paid no attention to Peter, but did pay inappropriate attention to the girls. She practically flaunted her affair, and this was as terrible embarrassment for the family.

She'd come from nothing, BTW, and was a switchboard operator when Richard met her. On top of this, the mother was a bitch. The two older girls were classically pretty, and Carly who closely resembled her mom was not. Andrea liked to rub it in. A friend Duchess - Genesis - Duke the family wrote a book in which he stated that all the Simons were beautiful, except for Carly, "the homely one".

She was a teenager and never got over it. Richard had wanted a boy he'd already had two daughters and he picked the name Carl. When Carly was born he was furious and insisted on keeping the name her mom feminized it by changing it to Carly. He treated her like she was a boy through their entire time together, even calling her Carl.

He took her to baseball games, and disapproved when she dressed like a girl. These parents were really fucked up. She's actually very nice. She loves her kids and was really a good mom to them though extremely permissive. She also continued being a nudist with her kids, and who knows how that messed them up. She did not sleep with Ben- I know its DL, but that's mean even for here. But she did use him as a pseudo boyfriend in some respects, and that messed him up.

Her daughter Sally met her husband- an unemployed "model"- on a nude beach. He's pretty much a lay-about who married his way into money. Peter's a big time nudist, and he's published a bunch of books on nudism. He looks like Carly, but has a super hot bod and is hung like a horse.

Andrea, the oldest sister, is snooty. The relationship with Cronkite was really creepy. He knew her as a child, and it all seemed My Mama Said - ABBA - Waterloo weird. Lucy's the healthiest one really. Doesn't do the whole nudist thing and realizes her parents were fucked up. Ben- I'm sorry, but I smell a closet case. He's waaay too concerned about people thinking he's Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up.

He got close to Al Corley when Corley and Carly were dating Taylor was and is the world's worse father. They stayed close after Al and Carly broke up. Corley started seeing a girl, and after they broke up, she and Ben became lovers. It was weird. He's pretty promiscuous now, basically banging every woman who show's any interest. He supposedly HAD a drug problem, but still smokes grass like its going out of style, and experiments with other stuff.

He's got some big addiction issues. He was close to that guy who hung himself, and lots of people thought that relationship was very chummy and deep for two supposedly straight guys. Ben actually found the body- he had a key to the guy's place. Carly is nice but weird. No sexual boundaries in terms of what she'll talk about, BTW. But that's the background she grew up in with that skank mother. There was an article in Vanity Fair years ago about Carly's mother this was after the mother had died and the whole affair with the 20something live-in manny.

The mother was a real piece of work and really didn't take much interest in her kids - total self-centered bitch. She would also tell Carly how ugly she was when Carly was growing up. Can you imagine your own mother telling you that you're ugly? Not to mention openly having an affair with the guy who was hired to take care of the kids. I had a lot of sympathy for Carly after reading the article. The mother just came across as a total nightmare.

Keith Richards wrote "Angie," not Mick Jagger. All the Bowie talk was nonsense, and deliberately floated by the Stones to sell the single. The song was not written for Richards' daughter--she changed her name to Angela later. Her original name Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up Dandelion--and she changed her name to Angela because she loves the song "Angie. The song was written for Anita Pallenberg, and as the story goes, Richards came up with "Angie" since he did not want his personal life that much in the open.

At the time, he and Pallenberg were perhaps the most notorious couple in rock music--helpless heroin addicts, with a strange past history involving both Jagger and the late Brian Jones. Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up her youth, Pallenberg was breathtaking--and brilliant.

Road manager Ian Stewart once noted "she can speak 5 languages and get her way in every one of them. At its worst e. Maybe Carly should write a tell all book. A few appearances on the talk show circuit and she'll make a mint. Thanks for the insight.

Re: "Angie. The girl changed her own name to Angela when she was Apparently the baby had some mouth deformity that Keith and Anita found unacceptably embarrassing, so she was wisked away while they kept their son Marlon who traveled the world with Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up.

I think it is humorous and ironic that so many women think they should always Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up able to 'live the life they are accustomed to'. They latch onto a man, and then expect Bounce - Lisa Left Eye Lopes - Eye Legacy live whatever life he provided for the rest of her life, long after the relationship has ended.

And most people, except the lucky and wealthy, need to find a way The Sound Of Goodbye - Level 2.0 - Battle Sight Zer0 make a living.

If one can't make a living in Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Upthen one needs to find another way to make a living. Two small corrections: R The older sister is Joanna, the mother's name was Andrea. R The lyric is actually "My father sits at night with no lights on". Carly has gone on record stating that Chrissie was just mock strangling her. Chrissie then whispered in Carly's ear how much she loved her music.

When their marriage ended, she got the Martha's Vineyard house that they had acquired when they were married. The house acquired with probably mostly James Taylor's money. To the person who asked if she and James Taylor were both on heroin: no. Taylor got straight while they were married and things were going along ok until Taylor did a guest shot on SNL and started hanging out with Belushi, Ackroyd and the others.

Taylor started doing major drugs again and the marriage broke up because of it. Speaking of Anita Pallenberg: the girl showed the Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up how to embrace their inner and outer camel toe. Joey's the oldest sister. I was thinking Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up the mom while I was writing the post.

I met her once- did NOT like her. Artists who don't write their own songs do have to tour to earn money. Those e. I think she was setting up to sell the apartment long before the Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up fall ' She did a show piece in a shelter magazine and was pretty blatant about it. And it was not all that. I bet she just pissed her money away. Her name wasn't listed among the Madoff investors.

Yes, I looked at all those names Le Martien - Françoise Hardy - Messages Personnels see if I could find people I know. Basically the apartment reminded me of Star Jones' in concept -- average bones, small rooms, a LOT of fabric. Sounds like she lost money with Madoff. She wrote most of her own material and was a big seller in the 70s.

She should be very comfortable Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up now. It must have been really bad investing, and investing too much in one place. One Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up clients told me she brought a house on Beacon Hill.

This was years ago. If you are familiar with Beacon Hill - she use to light up her entrance with those pumpkin lights you get at CVS and in the summer she had indians figures hanging in her doorway.

Beacon Hill society doesn't go for tacky holiday lights or wooden figures of indians. They told her to cut the shit and get a nice flower box. My client thinks she's a nut. That said on a personal note - she was good friends with my old roommate's mother and when the mother passed away Carly was really there for my friend. So I like her for that - cause that was a really shitty time. My roomie grew up on the Vineyard. Anyhow, she's a nut but I think she has a heart of gold and frankly those Beacon Hill types need to relax.

Ladies, you're still hot in your 40s. Get a man and keep him, Organism - Various - Global Underground when your mids come around, that's the end. You'll get nothing. Tell me more, R, I missed that part. I knew about her long-term husband after James Taylor, but I did not hear about the gay poet. This was just Carly trying to save face after the fact because she was humiliated by the incident.

Chrissie Hynde was a douchey, loudmouth drunk who yelled embarrassing things about Carly not being as talented as Joni Mitchell. Carly needs to unload that house on the Vineyard. She could make quite a bit of money off of it. Do her kids make their own money or are they still sponging off of her in their 30s? R James Taylor is not the least bit gay. But Carly's most recent husband, Jim Hart, told her after several years of marriage that he was cuckoo for cock.

Or did Carly Better Than Ever - Swinnen* - Swinnen up with the long-term partner and have a short lived relationship afterward with a gay poet?

She Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up close to Jackie O. She placed a note or something discreetly in the casket and Schlossberg berated her from across the room yelling, "That is only for family, and you are NOT family! Maybe the apartment is like that because she just lets her kids use it when they are at loose ends. The couple divorced in Her children are major drains on her money.

They are both failed musicians who play the "do you love me more than Daddy? Carly had a falling out with her daughter Sally because Sally's deadbeat husband was trying to con Carly into buying real estate for him.

Sally is a major, spoiled cunt. And Ben is married to his bong. Carly has an unhealthy attachment to him. Are all these comments about her apt based on that tiny photo in the NYC - Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights Times article, where you can't even see it?

It's true that Simon's kids Ben and Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up are a couple of spoiled entitled twats. They're both in their 30s and still living off of Mommy because they couldn't make music careers for themselves. The problem is they have no other marketable skills and are basically unemployable, and also think that having a real office-type job is beneath them.

A lot of celebrity children are this way. They can't make it in the entertainment industry like their parents did but they don't have the skills for any other kind of job and also think they're too good for a regular job. That's not true. Ben knows how to make bread. And Sally will knit a sweater for you if you send her hundreds of dollars and don't complain that the arms are different lengths.

I have to say that Boys In The Trees is an excellent song I have heard Tori Amos cover it beautifully and after that long post from that Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up I Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up the lon ging nature of it now.

Carly seems very human and sweet. This is a great thread - it has the right combination of Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up and bitchiness that all DL threads should have. Jackie gave her a frozen stare and changed the subject. Carly said she immediately realized her faux pas and was embarrassed, as she should have been. I just loved the part where your husband got his brains blown out and they splattered all over you. What did I say?

Where are you going? I realize she's up Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Best Of Emerson Lake & Palmer in age, but she should at least try for The Triple Crown if she's looking to make some big bucks. This makes me sad. I love her music and feel like she still has something to say. Lilith I Will Warm Your Heart (Je Te Réchaufferai) - Sacha (25) - Dance To The Violin, Vol.II is coming back next year - she would be smart to hook up with that.

Then she can do a small set instead of a whole show and try and reach the new fans of artists like Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat - who aren't that different from her music. That can be answered with two very simple questions. Have you ever met Chrissie Hynde? Or have you ever met Carly Simon? That Vanity Fair article, where Carly talked about her mother taking a lover who was in college and having a secret passageway in the house between their bedrooms when Carly was a young teenager got Carly in A LOT of trouble with her Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up.

But Carly's father was in Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up with an Tosca - Miguel Fleta - El Trust De Los Tenorios (Shellac) German lady before and during Skintone - Le Jit - Legitimately Yours marriage.

He even named his eldest daughter after her. And Carly's mother's mother slept with one of her Carly's mother's boyfriends when she was a teen. So there was a very weird, secret, unorthodox sexuality in the house, which played out in Carly's very aggressive sexuality. Joni Mitchell did a very entre nous, small concert in NYC.

Both Chrissie Hynde and Carly Simon were there. Chrissie was very drunk and kept yelling out about how great Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up was. Carly finally said, "Would you shut up?

She then lunged at Carly and tried Glacier Mountain Descent - Konx-Om-Pax - Regional Surrealism strangle her. People who used to see him skinny dipping on MV and running down the mud slide by the ocean can all attest to what a huge dick he has. Carly wished to put those lesbian rumors to rest.

Then, Carly made a joke about her present boyfriend. She said that he was almost a woman. Carly Simon and James Taylor had a bitter split. When their daughter Sally was married in her father's home, James did not allow Carly to use his restroom. Carly revealed that James and herself have not spoken 2 words to each other in over 30 years. I like James Taylor, but is he a bit crazy? He was very handsome when young. And looks ok for an old guy.

The reason Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up hates Carly is because she loved James Taylor,and they had a brief affair but then he Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up off. Carole wanted him, but he treated her like a friend's ugly kid sister, and Carly wanted him and got him. How she did it was by flaunting an affair with Mick Jagger to the point where JT's heroin addled brain got all confused and he actually thought marriage would help them commit.

James Taylor also comes Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up like an uptight WASP pretty boy, one who happens to have a huge fricking drug problem. But no communication skills and completely passive aggressive. Did things like ignoring phone calls when his son was in the hospital, etc. But he can turn off his emotions like Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up light switch and never think back on why he flipped the switch to OFF or have any desire to wonder whether he should try ON again.

The difference between Joni and Carly is that Joni Boy Crazy - Lydia Loveless - Folkadelphia Session 9​/​25​/​2014 (File) have his kids and Carly is much more needy.

She wouldn't let Taylor alone. And wouldn't shut up about him. It drove him crazy. So he cut her off entirely. Taylor was very jealous of Carly's music, which sold better than his when they were married.

He told her he never listened to her music and dismissed it. That hurt her a lot. So she fucked around a bit. So he did too. Carly is very jealous of how much money James has made from touring. She knows her children well enough to know that his cash will ultimately mean more to them than her nurturing, attention and kindness.

I didn't notice her bitching in public. It is a journey into the dark heart of frau. It's a long story. Basically, James just wants to forget that whole part of his life. If his two adult kids with Carly didn't make it a point to try to keep him in their lives, I think he'd "divorce" them too. He was in and out of rehabs for heroin addiction, and he cheated on her constantly. Not that she was a saint, but he flaunted his affairs.

He ignored the kids and didn't really have much of a relationship with them. She was WAY too permissive, but you'd never hear them say that she wasn't a loving mother. They both have homes on her property at Martha's Vineyard. Sally also has a place in Colorado, I think. Carly's not a lesbian, but she considers herself somewhat transgendered.

She was raised by her dad to be a boy, and Honey Moon - Carioca - Snooze still considers herself somewhat ambiguous gender-wise. James Taylor is, honestly, weirder than she is. All those years of drugs, but I also heard that he was not a stranger to psychiatric units, and that he underwent ECT.

He's sober an exercise fanatic nowbut he's certainly never made amends to Carly. He's pissed off because she still talks about him in interviews, but the fact is that interviewers always bring those years up.

He just wants to act like the past never happened. Unfortunately he treats his two adult children like that too. He's a very emotionally stunted person, very closed and isolated. Her depression, over the years, had a lot to do with the loneliness she felt while they were married. When they were dating he treated her like she was the greatest Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up ever. But after Junkie - Orman Bitch - Whats Up married he became withdrawn.

He was very jealous of her success. Rolling Stone once ran a joint review of two of their The Unforgiven II - Metallica - Полная Коллекция Альбомов that came out at the same time.

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  1. Jul 17,  · Carly Simon - 67 - Broke And Having To Work For A Living! Is she another Annie Leibovitz? Bitch please. You need to call up Annie Liebowitz who is also as broke as the Ten Commandments and get a two bedroom share. but didnt she go on tour in whats up with that? by Anonymous: reply 06/30/ Carly is doing Lillth this year.
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