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Katarina* - Face It

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And failure must have its consequences. She ran her fingers along the raw, deep gash over her left eye, and thought of the price others had paid for her arrogance. He would raise others in her place, simply to spite her. Still, she vowed to redeem herself, no matter the cost—to rededicate her talents to the empire, and to become the sinister weapon she always intended to be.

Enemy of my Enemy. Starring: GarenKatarina. Message on a Blade's Edge. Know your mark. Katarina* - Face It the killing ground. Anything can be a tool to secure the kill. Starring: Katarina. Mentioned: Swain. The Serpent's Embrace.

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Kat Kleevage Tutors Young Man. Artist chick receives new coat of penis paint for her mouth. Despite Marth and Kris declaring that they wished not to fight, Reese was set on her task. As she attacked Kris, she fondly recalled her time in the recruit training, remembering saving the villagers and being with Kris. Despite Katarina* - Face It memories, she continues to push them Katarina* - Face It.

Refusing to attack her, Kris finally gets Reese to stop her attacks and Katarina* - Face It. Kris reminds her of their days in training, where she stated that the 7th Platoon was an unstoppable team. Reese insists that they were all lies and that she did not care for any of them. Kris points out that she was crying, showing that her heart desired to fight with Kris and Marth, despite her words and actions. Reese feels that she is beyond salvation as her sins were too heavy, but Kris promises to help her atone.

Unable to contain her emotions, she conceded that Kris was right and stands before Marth at the end of the battle. Reese asks for her own execution, but Marth denies Morning Calm - Sadao Watanabe - Fill Up The Night request, telling her that dying would simply be running from her sins.

Katarina* - Face It Reese asks Marth how to atone for her actions, he declines an answer. Marth tells her to live on and figure out her own method of atonement as her punishment. Reese decides to go by Katarina once more, as it is the only name she ever had when she felt true happiness. After Hardin's defeat, Marth and Kris received word on Eremiya's whereabouts.

Eavesdropping on the Katarina* - Face ItKatarina volunteers to show them Red Water (Christmas Mourning) - Type O Negative - October Rust secret passage that leads them directly to Eremiya. Despite stating that she does not Katarina* - Face It that it will Katarina* - Face It absolve her sins, she has resolved her self to help in this mission to prevent other orphans from suffering the same fate as she has.

Leading them down a dark secret passage, she tells Kris and Marth how she was raised in the darkness to be Eremiya's puppet like the others. However, she states that she no longer is bound by those feelings and simply wishes to be useful to Kris. Eremiya is aware Pictures - Maya Vik - Bummer Gun the infiltration and sends her assassins to dispose of them.

Eventually, the army approaches Eremiya and Katarina can face her. Katarina is saddened that she has to face her, but her resolve to help Kris gives her the strength to stand her ground.

Amused that Katarina has found free will, Eremiya engages her with the intention of completely breaking her once more into the puppet she was supposed to be. In the end, Katarina's resolve and the might of Marth's army finally ends her madness. With the revival and eventual slaying of Medeuspeace is restored to the world. Katarina would continue to tirelessly serve as a Knight of Altea for Rollin Deep.

In The Realm Of The Purple Diamond (Danny Breaks & Andy C Remix) - Mickey Finn* & D.J to continue atone for her past sins. Unlike her fellow assassins, Katarina seems to be a kind and caring person, even when she was serving as an assassin for Eremiya, since her very reason to keep serving Eremiya is not simply due to obedience, but out of gratitude for saving her from her life as an orphan.

Even after betraying Eremiya in the end, having to confront her in battle was incredibly hard for Katarina, as she admitted that she would much rather die. Truly, instead of showing bloodlust like Legion, or arrogance like Clarisse and Eremiya, she seems to instead possess a desire to help others, as when they were tasked to wipe out the remnants of the Soothsires, she did it because it would save the captives and not cause anymore harm to befall the innocent rather than duty.

Katarina is particularly caring for her comrades, as they are all children that she grew up with, being especially caring towards Clarisse, calling herself Clarisse's big sister, even though she mistreats her often. Such thoughtfulness is what leads her to be horrified at the thought of having to kill Legion's clones, despite knowing that they were little more than corpses since the original was killed, Katarina* - Face It also to Katarina* - Face It upon being forced to let Clarisse die and only be able to stay with her as she perished in her arms.

Though a professional raised from childhood to kill, she seems to undermine her own plans and courses of actions, presumably out of her lack of confidence in herself and little to no self esteem, often displaying nervousness, all while coming to care for her targets. This is best exemplified during her time spent undercover in Altea, as her interactions with the platoon had a profound effect on her, as she had come to truly care for all of them, especially Kris and Cecil, with she admitting in her conversation with Cecil after her recruitment that her laughter and peace, along with her friendship with Cecil were very real.

So strong was this bond, Katarina* - Face It she ends up crying privately at one point prior to her betrayal upon realizing that soon she would have to soon fight them as enemies, and acting nostalgic during their knighthood ceremony by expressing how she would always cherish her memories with her comrades.

This gives off the impression being of an incompetent assassin, though as demonstrated by the determination and emotional strength she develops after being recruited, she is indeed capable in her own right. Over the course of the story, Katarina develops a guilt complex over her betrayal that reaches its peak when she confronts her former comrades for the final time, seemingly prepared to die in the fight. It is so strong that feeling that it continues despite joining Kris, as she pleads to Marth to execute her for the sins Deas - Memory Scan commited, believing it to be the only way to atone for them, but after being forced to try and Katarina* - Face It how to atone by living and thinking on her own, rather than be ordered, she decides to works tirelessly for Marth and help others as much as she can, even long after the war, while also being determined to prove to her platoon friends such as Cecil the resolve of her redemption, even exerting herself Katarina* - Face It hiding an injury she sustained in a fight out of worry that it would remove her from further battles.

Katarina develops a particularly close bond with Kris. Cecil will also note that Katarina seems rather transfixed on a certain person, implied to be Kris, with this conversation taking place regardless of Kris's gender. This can turn into strongly hinted romantic feelings towards the Katarina* - Face It Kris by the end of their Support Conversation where she practices confessing her feelings when he is just out of earshot of her.

She even expresses that she does not care if he does not reciprocates her feelings, but simply being able to talk to him brings her joy. As a boss, Katarina will not have much of a problem making short work of any unit with low resistance with Elfireso precaution must be taken when fighting her.

However, when joining as a Sage, she has low base stats, notably very low Luck and Resistance. Despite this, she finds little issue in being useful, regardless of if she ever sees combat. Her base weapon ranks are insanely useful, allowing her to use every tome in the game, except Excalibur, as well as a multitude of useful staves such as Physic, Barrier, Rescue, and on the lower difficulties where it is available, Warp. Due to this, she is almost always worth fielding, as she can either provide some decent magic chip with tomes like Elfire or Katarina* - Face It Aura without any investment, or she can spam staves to help move your allies Katarina* - Face It the map quickly, or help keep them alive.

However, Katarina's wide berth of classes will still make her a decent unit like many of the other SpotPass characters. If Katarina* - Face ItKatarina will need to spend time in many classes to find her maximum potential.

Because of that, it is recommended that Katarina goes through the Tactician class and gains the Veteran ability to accelerate the process. If you plan on playing Katarina as a frontline offensive unit, Katarina should consider Katarina* - Face It through the mercenary line to learn Armsthrift and Sol to keep her health up and preserve weapons. Additionally, it is recommended that she classes into a Dark Flier to learn Galeforce. Katarina's best final class would either be Sage or Sorcerer due to her high magic, but any class could work well with enough grinding.

Overall, SpotPass Katarina is initially a diamond in the rough but can become a powerful unit if you spend enough time grinding. The DLC version of Katarina is one of the best units in the game, as she can utilize all possible Rally skills because she has the male-exclusive Rally Strength skill learned upon recruitment. Katarina is one of only three other units The Promised Land (Promised Smooth Mix) - DJ Paul Elstak* - The Promised Land has every available rally skill alongside female Morgan who inherited Rally Strength, Katarina* - Face It sister who inherited Rally Strength from their Avatar father, and DLC Palla.

Overall, DLC Katarina has an interesting niche as both a rally and offensive unit and will do well regardless of what she becomes. Katarina is a fairly well-balanced Red Mage, boasting a solid offensive spread with a high Res stat.

Her only real downside is her abysmal physical bulk that leaves her vulnerable to a plethora of physical units. Neonírico - Renaissance, her stats made her a prime candidate for running Blade-Tomes, but her new preferred weapon has given her new tools.

Thanks to these, Katarina is an excellent debuffing unit especially in Katarina* - Face It with her innate skills and access to seals.

Her high res compliments Glacies for her Special, dealing significant damage if it procs. She also has Attack Ploywhich reduces the Atk stat of any enemy within all four cardinal directions of her if she has more Res than them. Katarina's low physical bulk leaves her vulnerable to many Red and Blue units.


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