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Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga

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Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Modular, PHP-based Okatea describes itself as "a compromise between simplicity and flexibility. This ASP. The project has several international communities, and Microsoft staffers are involved in the project.

Calling itself "the ultimate enterprise CMS," Plone offers integration with many other enterprise tools including Salesforce and other CRM solutions, Oracle, continuous integration tools, and many Web services.

Paid support and other services are available through third-party providers. Operating System: Linux, Unix. Created by developers in New Zealand, SilverStripe is both an open source CMS and a development firm that provides a variety of related services. SwipeStripe adds ecommerce capabilities to SilverStripe sites. TikiWiki calls itself "Groupware" because it offers features like blogs, forums, an image gallery, map server, bug tracker and feed reader to standard wiki capabilities.

The software is completely open source, but support, consulting, hosting and other services are available through third-party partners listed on the site. As a structured wiki, TWiki combines the benefits of a wiki with the benefits of a database. It can be used for project management, document management, as a knowledge base, or to collaborate on virtually any type of content for intranets or the Internet.

Installed more thantimes, TYPO3 is a widely used enterprise CMS with multisite Organism - Various - Global Underground, excellent scalability, granular permissions, multi-channel content publishing and more.

Used by thousands of organizations, WebGUI offers capabilities like wikis, online surveys, news feeds, event management, message boards, shopping carts, blogs and more. Several third-party partners offer related services. This newer CMS prides itself on being lightweight, fast and easy to use.

However, note that it is easiest to use if you have some PHP coding skills. It boasts a modular architecture, SEO features, excellent security, dynamic editing, email notifications and more. Most wiki software falls a little short when it comes to meeting marketing needs, but XWiki is a very full-featured platform with more advanced capabilities than most other open source projects of its kind.

It supports blogging, reporting and the creation of simple Web applications, all of which can be useful to marketing teams. It comes in both a free and a paid enterprise version. Yellow's claim to fame is its simplicity: "Just files and folders Not much to learn.

It includes modules for case management, fundraising, event management, membership management, e-mail communications and marketing, and it integrates with both Drupal and Joomla.

In addition to its features for sales and customer service teams, this Web-based CRM solution includes multiple features for marketers, including lead tracking, targeted email campaigns and survey capabilities. In addition to the open source version, a paid, supported version is also available. This full-featured CRM solution combines groupware functionality email, calendar and contacts with sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service and analytics features.

Paid support and custom development are available through partners. Used by more than 1. The website link above is primarily devoted to selling cloud-based subscriptions, but you can find the open source version at SugarCRM. Downloaded more than four million times, vTiger comes in both cloud and open source versions. Key features include contact management, Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga management, email marketing, forecasting, collaboration, workflow automation, reporting and mobile apps.

This CRM tool gives marketers the ability to capture Web leads, track Website visits, draft and track emails, and automate and manage campaigns. It comes in a cloud-based version that runs on AWS or in an open source version. Formerly known as "Bigdata," Blazegraph is a highly scalable, high-performance database. It is available under an Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga source or a commercial license.

Still an alpha release, BlinkDB is a "massively parallel, approximate query engine for running interactive SQL queries on large volumes of data. It supports extremely large data sets and boasts very fast performance and excellent durability and elasticity.

Support is available through third parties. Heights Road - Ross Parfitt - The Gain Of The Summer Is Unity team behind this project is working to create a Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga that is just as hard to kill as a cockroach is—in other words, it's extremely resilient.

It also spreads like cockroaches—in other words, it's highly scalable. Operating System: Docker. Cloudant, which is now owned by IBM, offers a Lets Make The Water Turn Black - Bohuslän Big Band - Bohuslän Big Band Plays Zappa supported version of the software, which is used by Samsung, Akamai, Expedia, Microsoft Game Studios and other companies.

Apache Drill allows users to use SQL queries for non-relational data storage systems. It also allows users Shake Your Body - Various - Extended By Valentino search through multiple datasets stored with different technologies using a single query. In addition, it supports many popular BI tools.

This mature database has been around since According to its website, it offers "excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. Developed by Twitter, FlockDB is a very fast, very scalable graph database that is good at storing social networking data. While it is still available for download, the open source version of this project has not been updated in quite a while.

Powered by Apache Ignite, GridGrain offers in-memory data fabric for fast processing of big data and a Hadoop Accelerator based on the same technology. It comes in a paid enterprise version and a free community edition, which includes free basic support. This Erlang-based project describes itself as "a distributed, ordered key-value store with strong consistency guarantee.

Apache Hive is the data warehouse for the Hadoop ecosystem. Hustle describes itself as "A column-oriented, embarrassingly distributed relational event database.

Used by eBay, Baidu, Groupon, Yelp and many other Internet companies, Hypertable is a Hadoop-compatible big data database that promises fast performance. Commercial support is available. It can be used as a cache, as a high-performance NoSQL database, or to add clustering capabilities to frameworks.

InfluxDB is a "distributed time series database with no external dependencies. Part of the Calligra office productivity suite, Kexi is a visual database application creator similar to Access and Filemaker Pro.

The LucidDB website claims that this database is "the first and only open-source RDBMS purpose-built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. The self-proclaimed "world's leading graph database," Neo4J is used for fraud detection, recommendation engines, social networking, master data management and more.

This multi-model database combines some of the capabilities of a graph database with some of the capabilities of a document database. Paid support, training and consulting are available. Operating system: OS Independent.

PostgreSQL calls itself "the world's most advanced open source database" and boasts more than 15 years of development. It has won multiple awards and offers excellent reliability and stability, even in high-volume environments. It's available in open source or commercial editions, with add-ons Kauf MICH! - Die Toten Hosen - Kauf MICH! Spark, Redis and Solr.

Now sponsored by Pivotal, Redis is a key-value cache and store. Note that while the project doesn't officially support Windows, Microsoft has a Windows fork on GitHub. Their goal is to create a SQL database that can offer the performance, reliability and scalability that these large Web companies need. BleachBit can securely delete files from a standalone system.

In addition, it can clean up systems and improve performance by erasing cached files, temporary files, logs and other unnecessary data. The open source version is designed for personal use, and a commercial version that can erase RAID arrays is available through Blanccothe project owner. For Windows only, Eraser deletes data from hard drives and overwrites it multiple times so that it cannot be recovered.

It can destroy data on an entire drive or wipe out specified files and folders, and it includes a customizable scheduler. Another secure deletion tool, FileKiller gives users the option of specifying how many times deleted data is overwritten. It promises fast performance. Apatar aims to make it easy to move data between on-premise and cloud-based applications, and it includes connectors for Salesforce.

It also comes in an on-demand version that integrates data from Salesforce. Clover ETL. This enterprise-class tool can monitor your data, verify it against internal or external reference data, analyze your data Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga, and find and merge duplicate entries. In additional to the free Community version, the company also offers commercially supported Professional and Enterprise editions. It aims to be easy to use, and the website includes a number of videos showing its capabilities in action.

KETL calls itself "a premier, open source ETL tool" and boasts that its features "successfully compete with major commercial products. MailArchiva stores enterprise e-mail messages, allowing companies to meet compliance requirements, to search old messages quickly, to monitor content and to save on storage costs.

The link above will connect you with the enterprise and ISP versions of the software; for the open source version, see SourceForge. Talend is managed by a for-profit company rather than a foundation. As a result, paid support is available. Talend offers a mix of free and paid products. Its free, open source solution is called Talend Open Studio, and it has been downloaded more than 2 million times. Market research firm Gartner recently named Talend a "Leader" in data integration.

The company boasts that it can help enterprises analyze their big data five times faster and at one-fifth the cost compared to competing solutions.

This robust DLP solution can "monitor, discover and prevent data leakage on your company network and endpoints. The successor to jHepWorkDataMelt can do mathematical computation, data mining, statistical analysis and data visualization. It's also helpful for assessing the effectiveness of algorithms for regression, classification, clustering, pattern mining and similar tasks.

An Apache Foundation project, Mahout is an open source machine learning framework. According to its website, it offers three major features: a programming environment for building scalable algorithms, premade algorithms for tools like Spark and H2O, and a vector-math experimentation environment called Samsara.

Professional support is available through third parties listed on the website. Orange believes data mining should be "fruitful and fun," whether you have years of experience or are just getting started in the discipline. It offers visual programming and Python scripting tools for data visualizations and analysis. RapidMiner claims to be the " 1 open source data science platform," and Gartner named it a leader in its Magic Quadrant report for advanced analytics.

It enables self-service Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga analytics and promises lightning-fast performance. All three are available under open source or commercial licenses, and commercial prices depend on the number of users. SPMF now includes 93 algorithms for sequential pattern mining, association rule mining, itemset mining, sequential rule mining and clustering.

It can be used on its own or incorporated into other Java-based programs. The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis, or Weka, is a set Java-based machine-learning algorithms for data mining. It can perform data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules and visualization. This project was designed to help produce visualizations of data to aid analysts and other decision makers.

It's a JavaScript library that takes a "unified layer based approach to visualization assembly" in order to create rich, powerful graphics. Short for Data-Driven Documents, D3 makes full use of newer Web standards to help users create interesting graphs and diagrams of their data.

It grew out of the older Protovis project, and has been gaining more attention in the last couple of years. Opendedup performs inline de-duplication to reduce storage utilization by up to 95 percent. It's available as an appliance for simplified setup and deployment. For developers and others who like to work from the command line, Console adds capabilities that aren't available through cmd.

For example, it allows users to open multiple tabs, change the font and window style, use a text selection tool, and more. If your file system is a mess, DropIt gives you an easier way to clean it up than using the file copy-and-paste capabilities of Windows Explorer. With this app, you can create an icon on your desktop that sends files to the folder of your choice. Just drag your file to icon and it will move the file where you want it to go.

Inspired by the Philip K. Vote for your favorite patterns to see them reappear more often. The project also includes a large interface development library, some parts of which are usable on Windows, OS X and other OSes. Floating Stickies. If you would like a sticky note app for your phone or tablet, check out Floating Stickies.

Notes automatically stay on top of apps, and you can dock or resize them easily. Source code available through GitHub. If you can't use your hands for some reason, or if you spilled Red Bull on your keyboard and are waiting for it to dry out, Florence can help you keep on typing.

This app for the Gnome desktop puts a virtual keyboard on your screen that you can click with your mouse. Although it's not too flashy, this window manager is lightweight and fast. Key features include tabbing, editable menus, an application dock and more. The latest version supports compositing, that is, 3D window effects. For those who love the Matrix movies, this screensaver Vince Guaraldi Trio - Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus falling green characters that create images of characters from the I Wish U Heaven (Part 1, 2 & 3) (10:Something) - Prince - I Wish U Heaven Matrix Reloaded.

Leave yourself digital sticky notes on your desktop. Key PNotes features include portability, rich text formatting options, skins, overdue tracking, LAN exchange, social network integration, password protection, encryption, tags and much more. Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista. Sticker is a Windows 7-compatible electronic post-it note app. Unlike some similar apps, it lets you put notes directly on the desktop as if they were icons. One of the great features of desktop Linux is the ability to create virtual desktops; VirtuaWin adds the same functionality to Windows.

Excellent for multi-tasking, it allows you to group together sets Touch Of Grey - Grateful Dead* - In The Dark open windows and switch between them.

Numerous addons extend its capabilities. In addition to the link above, you can also find the source code on Gitorious.

It's best for creating mobile versions of data-driven Web apps. Designed to help developers track their app download statistics, Andlytics integrates with the Google Play Developer Console and AdMob. However, note that it does not support Google Apps for Business or multi-connected developer accounts. It's embeddable and extensible and works with a wide range of other development tools. It includes an interactive debugger, source code editor, version control system, GUI designer, and project management features.

Apigility claims to be "the world's easiest way to create high-quality APIs. Appcelerator Titanium. Titanium is part of Appcelerator's full mobile development platform, which requires a subscription.

However, you can download the open source version of this JavaScript mobile development framework from Appcelerator. Alloy is the other open source piece Bad Boys Running Wild - Scorpions - Deadly Sting Appcelerator's mobile development platform. Sponsored by Sauce Labs Appium is a testing framework for native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It works with all mobile programming languages and most Pictures - Maya Vik - Bummer Gun development tools.

Microsoft released this free Web framework under an open source license in It also allows users to host up to 10 ASP. NET websites for free on its Azure cloud computing service. Backbone promises to add structure to your Web applications. It's useful for developing rich client-side applications and promises more freedom than some other JavaScript frameworks. Google released a beta version of this build system this month.

It's ideal for environments with a very large shared code repository, a variety of languages and platforms in use, and automated testing and release processes. If your organization uses the Bitbucket version control system, Bitbeaker will allow you to browse source code, manage issues, list pull requests, receive notifications and more.

Note that it is not a full Git client. Another Twitter project, Bower manages frameworks, libraries, assets, utilities and other packages for websites. It works with a lot of other popular Web development tools. Founded by Adobe, Brackets describes itself as "a modern, open source text editor that understands web design.

It includes an Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga development server for testing and works with nearly all Web servers. It was designed to address some of the limitations of Backbone. Microsoft Open Technologies has contributed to the project, and it's supported by the Windows Store. Cloud9 is both a cloud-based Ubuntu desktop and a browser-based IDE. You can sign up to use a free or paid version of the service at the link above, or you can set up your own cloud-based IDE using the source code from GitHub.

Features include skeletal animation, sprite sheet animation, effects, textures, transitions, auto-batching, auto-culling and more. Features include support for multiple compilers, multi-target projects, syntax highlighting, code completion, smart indent, an integrated debugger and more. Award-winning Conditionizr makes it easier to create responsive sites that look great on any device and in any browser.

It detects the front end and then serves up the appropriate version of a Website. It has also been incorporated into several other mobile development tools.

DebOps describes itself as "your Debian-based data center in a box. Owned by SAP, Dirigible is an integrated development environment as a service IDEaaS that promises to help developers "enjoy programming like never before. The source code is on GitHub. This tool continuously examines code for bugs. It's available as a paid hosted service that is free for open source projects. Since the s, generations of developers have used Emacs for writing code.

It offers content-sensitive editing, syntax coloring, full Unicode support, customization capabilities and a large library of extensions.

This "framework for creating ambitious Web applications," aims to improve productivity for JavaScript developers. Now more than a decade old, Evolutility simplifies the creation of database-driven apps and Web apps without writing any code. The website includes a number of sample applications to show you how it works. Designed to be light, fast and flexible, Falcon is a Python framework for building cloud APIs and web app back-ends.

Fairly new, its website proclaims that it has been "Unburdening cloud apps for over 2. Falcor describes itself as "a JavaScript library for efficient data fetching. It is still in developer preview status. Twitter created this lightweight, event-drivien JavaScript framework for use on its own Web apps and has open sourced the code for everyone. It maps behavior to DOM nodes. Designed for novices, Game Editor aims to help inexperienced developers learn the basics of programming and create games for nearly any platform.

It boasts an intuitive interface, Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga programming, fast design prototyping and input flexibility. It's probably the most widely used compiler for code that will run on multiple operating systems. It's goal is to enable the creation of rich Web apps using tools that developers already know. It saves those interfaces in XML so they can be accessed by applications written in a wide variety of programming languages.

Gradle automates many of the tasks associated with building, testing, publishing and deploying applications, and it is very popular with Java, Groovy and Scala developers. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner that helps automate repetitive development tasks. It's meant to provide the foundation for a variety of other development tools. Adding touch gestures to your mobile app? It supports most common single- and multitouch gestures, and you can also customize it to add your Prelude - XARTS - Playful gestures.

Created by financial services heavyweight Capital One, Hygieia pronounced "hi-gee-ya" is a DevOps dashboard that allows users to see the status of their entire delivery pipeline at a glance. The code, screenshots and a video explaining the tool are available on Capital One's Git Hub pages. It comes in a free community edition or a paid ultimate edition.

Intel Threaded Building Blocks. A commercially supported version is available. For developers building hybrid mobile aps, Ionic is an open source front-end SDK designed to help create beautiful apps with Web technologies. Extremely popular, this tool has more than 40, followers on GitHub. A product of Edhouse, iPFaces excels at the creation of form-heavy mobile apps using Web development technologies.

It's available in both a free community version and a paid commercial version. By default it describes the public and protected classes, nested classes but not anonymous inner classesinterfaces, constructors, methods and fields.

It's included in Oracle's Java developer kits. The "leading open source automation server," Jenkins was forked from Hudson and offers many of the same capabilities. It boasts easy installation and configuration, hundreds of plugins, extensibility and a distributed architecture that allows it to speed the process of testing.

It has a very active user community with lots of scheduled events that offer opportunities to learn more about the software. There is also plenty of documentation on the website, including a blog that is updated regularly. JHipster brings together many popular development tools into one package. This popular JavaScript library simplifies HTML document manipulation, event handling, animation and Ajax and claims to have "changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

JQuery Mobile promise to allow mobile developers to write one app that will run on all mobile pltforms. It's based on HTML5 and is one of the more popular open source mobile development frameworks. This Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga for Pack Your Bags (Tony Marinos Radio Edit) - Leana - Pack Your Bags. Key features include easy installation, customization capabilities, theme support, callback functions, Sass-based stylesheets and more.

Operating System: iOS, Android. As you might guess from the name, this configuration language was designed to simplify the process of writing JSON. Developers can use it to help organize JSON data. The Kinoma platform encompasses both hardware and software tools for prototying IoT devices and applications.

KinomaJS, its JavaScript-based application framework, is available under an open source license. This Node. Noteworthy users include GoDaddy, The U. Department of Energy and Symantec. Based on Java and the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, Mainspring describes itself as "an open source application framework for building machine to machine M2M applications such as remote monitoring, fleet management or smart grid.

MediaGoblin makes it easy to set up a media publishing site. Meteor promises to help users "build apps that are a delight Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga use, faster than you ever thought possible. It includes tools for local development, internationalization, localization, integrated unit testing and device-specific presentation. Mono describes itself as "an open source implementation of Microsoft's.

Previously sponsored by Novell, it's now owned by Xamarin. Designed for C and Visual Basic. Key features include advanced text editing, an integrated debugger, GTK Visual Designer, unit testing, localization and more. InMicrosoft announced The Last Remains Of Our Love - Paul Martin (24) - It Happened to open source its.

NET development framework. NET Foundation website offers all the. NET tools the company has open sourced so far, including the Roslyn compiler. You can also find the. NET tools on GitHub. Generations of Emacs-hating developers have sworn by Vim as the only text editor they'll use for coding. Neovim is a Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga take on the classic tool with more powerful plugins, better GUI architecture and improved embedding support.

It has won several awards and boasts a large library of plug-ins. This popular PHP framework promises to make Web Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga work easier.

It boasts "perfect" security, integrated debugging tools, fast performance, an easy learning curve, a large community Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga more. Formerly controlled by Joyent, development is now overseen by the Node. This is a behemoth which fears no excess, delivering broad dynamics, thrilling action music, and grandiose hits of pure wonderment.

A theatrical pause allows Arnold to unleash upon us the fully-formed Godzilla Theme, blasting its way through the speakers, violins and trumpets madly reaching deafening heights while the thundering bass drum grounds the fearful majesty of the music. The choir adds a bit of power during a wild, Goldenthalesque segment, but Arnold rarely makes use of it again.

Indeed, it is amazing to see how much might he can release without calling upon the human voice: he has trumpets blaring, violins screeching, flutes fluttering at the top of their register, while tubas groan and bass drums hit the beats with mighty vigor, with nary a choir in earshot.

All this brilliantly orchestrated action music climaxes in one of the best cues on the album, "Big G Goes to Monster Heaven".

The heroic melodies are allowed to roll onto the scene over rapid bursts from the snare drums. The orchestral muster grows and Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga, the trumpets gaining in confidence, before Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga final stretch Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga heart-pounding percussion.

Outside of those heart-racing sequences, Arnold fills the score to the brim with a wide array of themes, some ominous, others intrepid. What it also provides us with is the stunning possibility of closing our eyes and letting the music dictate a much, much better movie. As the Ebert and Siskel figures in the movie might say, two giant salamander claws way up. Also, a completely self-indulgent note to the effect that this is my th review and, boy, I just realized: I really need a life. If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know!

Chaotic backgrounds with separate lines by detail, tiled blue objects. Texts: "Fight for your right", "you can dance!! People: British person, dancing man in strange cat costume, chubby triangular elf with an umbrella, Hispanic man, addicted man with lolipop, pink bunny rabbit. Brazilian female dancer winding her dress, sitting on the couch, holding a bouquet of roses, crouching and standing to wonder, and holding a glass of wine. Two stud guys and Index Fingers - The Tules - A Haunters Workshop handsome formal man holding the same glass of wine, green contrasted and scaly backgrounds.

Sudden static screens and beach scenery, palm trees, lighthouse, lengthy articles, girls wearing colored bikini in sexy poses, two muscled beach boys, and two spinning cards showing the characters. Cartoon-based scenes of a faced sun with still bird over the house, opening cap from a bottle of beer, anthropomorphic cat jumping in delight and another cat running with cute expression, anthropomorphic walrus in sailor outfit running while holding a fish, two racing cars on a road track, cats striking mugs of foamy beer, and "Rebola Na Boa" title text.

Blonde man looking at his cassette, short shots of cracking open of soda can and drinking it, woman on the round mirror, "Bad Boys" text on the scooter driven by a down girl who passes the "wrong way" sign, male singer with sunglasses.

Uma Bomba. On a smaller window, blond singer with round sunglasses, another window with a red car, and another with a walking dress girl. Western Mexican man with sombrero dancing with maracas and guitar, anthropomorphic cactus with bull-riding roughly while another cactus with sweats with problem. Cowboy throwing a lasso to catch a bull, angry brown bull charging at a cactus. Color-edted videos of athletes, boxers, basketball events, karate kickers, and skateboarders.

Pop out texts are based on training and exercises. Orange computer keyboard, watercolor-styled city backgrounds, boy strolling toward the front, blond man in jacket carrying a duffel bag, past-moving train with crossroad gate and alarm, silhouette man at the window, map of Africa, flipping clock part of wristwatch, and texts: "No one else", "desire" and moving letters.

Color-switched circles, exploding ovals, characters Joe the stud man and guitarist, Pinky the pink-haired thin woman and Gon the street rapper. Graffitis, old districts, textual background. Maria is the remix of Franz Schubert 's " Ave Maria ". Background scenes are references to Mission: Impossible series: unmasked spy Ethan Huntglasses scene from Mission: Impossible 2and explosion car-chase scenes. Other reference reveals a red chamber similar to James Bond opening sequence.

Motorcyclist, female spy, screaming man derived from " The Scream ", skyscrapers, bridges, gears, headbanging man, blue-lipped man smooching, and a man through peek hole. Urban cities, electric posts, yellow background, static background, blue-white flame, woman with rectangular shades, and texts. Morning and afternoon skies, paper boat floating on water, a country boy and girl on bench and framed photo, and their grown-up versions, rippling golden water, walking bare feet, clockhand rotating backwards and texts: "Remembrance", "Forever", "OMG", "Memories".

Point Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga is one of the few PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs.

Boots walking in shadows, freestyling girl, wavy music line, ascending staircase, booming speakers, static background and white ring. Top City contains profanity such as an N-word. According to a few of PIU fans, it is believed that Andamiro had replaced the seizure-causing original background. Quiet green forest, noon sun, white tree with its door on the plain, white-haired elf girl and a black-haired human girl, noon sky fades to night and sun turns to moon, an anthropomorphic broom with a snake.

Night city with colorful light windows, black cat, guitar-playing chicken, skull and crossbones, sombrero figure, a cat eating a chicken alive with floating feathers, exit sign, and cannon gun.

Scanline video style. Footages of busy street, urban city and cars, Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga, car pedals, and wheels. Photographs of streets, trains, firing pistol, red eyes, speaking lips, coins, car wheels, and cocking shotgun. Ignited gas bottle with spreading flame, cheering crowd, female singer, rotary disc, bridge columns and dancing girl. Moving building, crystallized background, light ray background, grooving female dancer, alcoholic girl with a bottle, and various women in top tank poses.

Bouncy letters that read as "Dance". Blond woman, red-haired in skimpy skirt, woman in top, rapper with yellow glasses, colored transparent squares, rectangles and triangles, drawn eyes, and countdown sequence on red opaque square. Violet-haired girl dressing as an occasion for each succeeding month: January: "Diary Day, in a winter coat, holding her diary book.

February: "Valentines Day, in a kitchen outfit, presenting heart-shaped chocolate cake. March: "White Day", in a casual outfit, with lolipop, hand ag, and back Tapping The Admiral - Natty - These Days I Expect The Worst. April: "Black Day", in witch costume. July: "Rose day", in wedding dress holding a bouquet of roses and white flowers This month is supposedly May, an error in animation June: "Kiss Day", normal outfit with her expression in passion manner July: Le Téléphone Sonne - Souzy Kasseya - Le Téléphone Sonne Day", in summer blue bikini outfit with brown hat August: "Music Day", in tank top and slim blouse and skirt with headphone September: "Green Day", in a normal outfit, with joyful pose October: "Wine Day", in black coat, holding a bottle of wine November: "Movie Day", in school outfit with dark-colored bag December: "Money Day", in snow coat, holding Christmas gifts and shopping bags the title text shows "I Love You" at the end for the second time.

Colored marker-drawn animation of flowers, a blue-shirt boy and his pet dog carries a pot of golden flowers from flower shop to be given to his girl in the other house. He thinks of flying on balloon horses and carrying a balloon with her on the night sky. He breaks the flower pot accidentally, and the girl leaves, slamming the door.

In grief under the sunset, a girl tapes the flower pot back and reunites with him. Dark Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga, red pipe, a man with headphones, a woman behind the police siren, blue corridor, bright street with a roofless car where a driver stands up like a bird. Guitar string, group of female bikers, guitarist with hat and sunglasses, and drum kit.

Shoes splashing on paddle, shots of an orange-haird Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga and a disguised horrific man with glasses. The man tries to mug her, and she escapes, jumping down the ramp and sprinting through passages. She hides quickly, but the man finds him behind her. Snowy city, smoking man, xylophone, then a gang of black-suited businessmen and businesswomen, green city on bird's eye view.

Cartoon characters of African-American singer, breakdancer, bee, squire, hatted mystery man, radio, target background, grains of white dots, brick wall, and neon background. High school girl with pink hair posing in walking stances, singing lips, group of female students and dark rooms. Background is turning gears and wavy line. Paper airplane, joyful walking man in black suit and his two friends, blue-jacket man, and red-shirted man with a hat. Female green grocer, fanning old man, muscular man.

He cries when bullied. On rooftop of the school, he launches a paper airplane to two schoolgirls: one is impressed but another mocks with one eye. He tries to flirt other two girl, but gets disgusted by his square shoes. Medieval castle over golden sun. Two knights with armor. A heroic man in red coat. A tower with blue gems. Sword unleashes and various magical powers of wizards are revealed: white light.

A kickboxer I Need You - America - History • Americas Greatest Hits across the screen, and run in mirror effect, fighting against a giant moth, sitting at a steel pot of flowers. She gets punched by an unseen fighter. Walking legs, coughing mouth at a cigarette, rapping and driving African-American, and few other convicted gangsters.

Oriental girl with long black hair, white-haired boy with angry expression rapping. Checkerboard backgrounds, triangle borders, and television screens. UFO's, blue aliens walking, female human in pink blouse, alien holding an unusual flower, Aint Misbehavin - Billie Holiday - My Jazz Collection 3 hands a hello, blushing and flirting.

Planet background, starfield and clouds. Outside bordered BGA is Conga title segment. Female racer on Formula-1, and short footages of racing event, speedometer, wheels, and road track of drifting car. Texts: "Dream". Conga is the cover remix of " Conga ", by Miami Sound Machine. Laurat dish over cyan rays, with two rows of figurines, a chicken leg, bucket of taters, and king-crowned bun.

Turntable and effector controls, hand on turntable, roller blade wheels, bicycle wheels, street signs, RPM meter with random generated numbers, and street sign stickers on cards. Clear sky, a woman with black Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga and grey blouse dancing and playing DJ, audio bar, and a filmstrip of sky.

Inside the office building, office workers read the headline news: "Treasure in the Sea". A man realizes it and the scene changes to beach, while he switches to beach wear. He makes sandcastles and sunbathes, ignoring bikini women. Pufferfish, star fish and sea cucumber with a face. As the man dives underwater, he finds a mermaid, and pops hearts on his eyes.

But then a shark chases after him. He is accompanied with a rabbit riding on turtle. Short scene of green dragon in yellow robe waving hello with two anthropomorphic fishes fanning him. Fiesta Macarena Pt. On golden sky, flying flock of birds, thin trees, panther and a girl, dancing natives, and African symbols. Everybody logo, beige clouds, portrait of different people, back shot of the hips, rotating monuments, urban city, and "No" sign on a dog with rainbow afro hair.

Boys and girls in pink crocodile costume, wildcat costume, caterpillar costume, bear costume. Schoolgirl with golden hair and green school uniform, brown-haired boy holding a wildcat costume, sleeping boy with orange shirt, At the end, photoshoot of three friends cracks, making the schoolgirl surprised.

Silhouette of a female dancer on red background with birhgt light, realistic beautiful woman another with glasses, and two silhouettes dance synchronously. Between random generated BPM numbers and directional arrow tracks, blue-colored scenes of Formula-1 racing event.

Video footages in blue edit. Man walking, jogging past the street, man in the back seat, dunking basketball player, Sou Louco Por Voce - Peso - Em Busca Do Tempo Perdido side mirror. Outside borders of the BGA frame has the title, "you don't wanna runup," and BPM with random generated numbers and decimals.

Card game, suffling Horses - George Sarah - Ossia deck, rapping lips, enclosed pupil eye.

Beat of the War is based on Megadeth 's " Holy Wars The Punishment Due " Composed by Yahpp. Short scenes of Novasonic's music video, chaotic surreal backgrounds and texts: "Empire of the Sun" with subtext, and "Hide".

Empire of the Sun marks the first game in the series where only one K-pop license is included. Empire of the Sun is the final song by Novasonic in the series. Drawn stamps, and notebook spring. Rear of the car, woman is shown as P! A restyled, but repeating scenes of Shakira's music video, " Objection Tango ". Trombone, bongo drums, saxophones, popping confetti, clapping hands airplanes, billboards, and a principal character of a bikini girl bouncing breasts and shaking buttocks. BGA is considered erotic, but never shown as it is a cancelled song.

Guitar playing, piano tuning, drumming, stage microphone, white cars, and dance club. Based on the music video of Madonna's song Music, with different arrangement and edition. Skatboarders from the yellow background with "yawha" text, filmstrips, hip-hop dancer, skull, DJ and turntable, and "Yahoo!! Collection of circus-themed patterns and a merry-go-around, juggling clowns, daredevils and acrobats, including a principal character, the serious clown like Joker.

KOREA 2. Record turntable, two male urban African-American hip-hop dancers, strong man dancing on shoulders and circle hand, and thin man lip-synching with the song proven in Extra Disco Remix and breast-shaking female backup dancers similar to Jessica Rabbit. A young boy and girl in snowcoat begging and Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga, crawling like a worm, and happily caroling.

Black-haired, red-haired, and golden-haired women wearing red jacket, underwear, and censored nude girl. Texts: "I envision you caressing me Radezky Can Can is the first remix of the classical song by a non-BanYa artist. Dark witch behind the earth, birdcage, fluffly feathers, eagle wings, bicycle gear, "Passion" text, and flashy red-blue backgrounds.

Rotating gear with bright rays of light, mists, rapidly zooming circular text, burning comets, cosmic bird, and turning starfield. Ma is also included in TechnoMotion Loner T. Sometimes the Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga is taken one-third part of the video. Monkeys with different outfits: red bandanna and banana hat, same version but added with pink sunglasses and green shorts with white polka dots, superhero suit with red cape, Elvis Presley with black glasses and blue guitar, mermaid tail with green shells on chest, and formal attire with top hat.

Joining them is a blue-haired human. Banana patterns over green background. Articles and random texts in different shots and colors, white-faded dancer, Manga girls with blond, gold and grey hair, and a boy with blue hair. Civid, chaotic, flashy and changing backgrounds, a burning candle, "Blind Faith" and "My Dream" text. Ancient Chinese coins, closed fist, male traveler with white robe walking, flying on a cloud, and floating on a wooden boat, oriental Andy Williams - Last Tango In Paris with background of Chinese writings, a thin man whispering at a stout man, vast ocean, female oriental dancer holding a flower on her mouth.

Cartoonic midgets but not a clown from the title background Bouncing unreadable letters, lips, night city, "?! Evil eye, colorful and flashy backgorounds and rays, star-like circles, blue-energy portal, and multiple flying butterflies.

Two rave dancers spinning while keeping afloat. Blue gloves, and a round object. Backgrounds Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga matrix room, disco rave-style flashes, and clouds. Texs: "Hey!! First Love Techno Mix never received a song background. Wrapped lunchbox contains hard-boiled eggjoyful man with flower background, sleeping on bed, and crying when running late, blue brief, black shoes.

Mixes Young Man Cover of " Y. Known as "F. The video is based on Naissance 's jet fighter dogfight, but it is a 3D animation. Some of the actions synchronized the song which adds sound effects for the animation. Final Audition 3 U. F is the final song of Final Audition series. F is composed by Yahpp. The 3D animated snowboarding challenge down the track, including a futuristic but tougher and more dangerous course. The snowboarder flies into the sky at the end of the lane.

Setting is a space-aged Old West, almost similar to MegaMan X but the background is mostly white where the two desperados kidnapped the wife of a cowboy who uses his skills to gun down his enemies and their boss in the saloon while the robot Motor Motor Motor - The Movies - Motor Motor Motor serves drinks.

When everything is finished, he jumps in triumph. A returning character from Bee, except she sprints to avoid the heavy rain without an umbrella, but is miserable in her failures.

She sleeps on the flowery meadows for a rest. The bank robber steals bags of money from the bank they have exploded, and escapes out of the city. Meanwhile, Freevolt V and V chases them down until the underground mine to continue on the rail track. When the rail switch triggered to the wrong path, the robber is crashed at the danger fence. Freevolt wins the wild goose chase. Get Up!

Overly crazed man after he sees a giant, hideous eyeball possibly a mind controller, which probably takes eyes from people but unseen due to its morbidity and its pack follows the winged sheep. Looking at a blue-haired teenage boy, a sassy girl finds him attractive, but is shy to send him letter and a lunch. Gears indicate that they made up.

Japanese version of Valenti is included in Just Dance Wii. A paper cut-out animation of rock band singing the song, and a dancing pedestrians after waiting for a stop-sign which has a dance signal. As a young stargazer finds a shooting star through telescope, he watches in naked eye the bright fallen object and crash landed in the forest. He rides his bicycle to check for the crash site, and runs for it.

He noticed that Pearly Queen - Eric Clapton - Eric Claptons Rainbow Concert object is an escape pod containing a beautiful young girl awakened from suspended animation.

Both look each other in amazement. Kiss Me. After the woman finishes her paint job, her pet cat randomly strolls around, leaving paw prints on other walls including her. She gets mad and puts her cat into shame, but when she looks at him she changes her heart and kisses him happily. The cat blushes. Woman erotic-dancing with breasts bouncing and hips shaking. The mini skirt replaces bikini from original BGA.

La Cubanita's artist name is uncredited on title background, but on in-game song selection info. Female shopper wanders through the regular city, but when the fairy grants her a wish, she flies toward the bizarre place to shop.

Watch Out's artist name is uncredited on title background, but on in-game song selection info. It has similar animation of Power of Dream, except a princess-like dancer girl and her teammates compete with a sombrero boy with his teammates. When she scored higher and more popular, the boys' team switches to her side, and he is lost and lonely. To cheer him up, the princess attracts to him, and two teams united.

Random live footage on the city, colored flashy backgrounds in different shapes, sizes and movement. The extraterrestrial ship from deep space enters the Solar System and abducts a boater on Earth.

The boy joins the excitement in the disco-like test chamber. He is then released on the desert and watches the mothership on the sky. But he finds himself floating in space with a television set. Born to be Alive is the cover version of song of the same name by Patrick Hernandez sung by Belen Thomas.

A Little Less Conversation. Exceed S. While a whale and pod of dolphins pass on the shore, two summer girls perform with the song, while two males showing off their poses. Both of them punch each other aburptly. Name of the Game. Realistic hand on keyboard types: "Eject" on the scene. A white-haired spy girl steals a nuclear pellet and escapes through security, avoiding bullets shot by guards.

Explosion from the building throws away the pellet, and is obtained by a 3D-generated whale ship with a round bridge resembling Start Trek voyager. It launches the pellet to the space where it is grabbed by a robotic arm. Inside the space station, a young girl obtains the nuclear pellet with mittens. She then rides the smaller ship and discards the pellet to the sea.

A human-faced fish eats it and mutates with powers and yellow glow. A shark face known from one of the humanoids from Phantom on Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga It Up Zero harms three fishmen, and is repelled by a powered fish. Shark devours the fish, and is decayed by a nuclear pellet. The pellet is beached on the surface, and an anthropomorphic dog kicks it out to the space again.

It goes to 3D animation again. A man in futuristic suit nabs it, runs away from red-laser droid, passes through portal and descends to the power source. He installs the pellet for electricity and the video ends.

Disco dancer in 8-bit version of dance club with a fiery background, but then transforms into 3D version during song chorus. Asian Ideograms and in Melody written in front of a street lamp image. Cars in fast motion, crying guy. Flower with thorns with a heart in the root. People walking, sad faced girl under an umbrella. Train lines. Apartment woman finds herself in boredom life living alone, as rotary smileys cover the faces, including her parents on the picture.

The news reporter with pasted lip says that people should world hard for love. Similar to Fiesta's animation style, but except two rappers performing dance while sheep gives backup sounds. A human test subject enters the training area to fend off octopus-like aliens while a skeletal robot, after he dismissed the former subject, lighting-fire-like being, from the robot tank.

He also dismissed another but aged human. Female Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga burglar snatches an antique from the museum, but detective and his police officers surrounded her. To mesmerize the guards, she magically transforms into an attractive Little Red Riding Hood before escaping, except the detective who withstands her enchantment.

It goes awry when the police still chases with heart-eyes while the detective angrily tries to capture her. When it is too much, she becomes an outraged giant.

The antique is revealed to be a photograph of the secretly gay detective. A sombrero boy teammate character from Fiesta song makes his cameo appearance, but is run over by a burglar. Two persons, a witch and a man with bear trap mouth, anger each other during the dinner date. So the woman punches his face and floor fighting ensues shortly. A young girl discovers low results around the metropolis: wilted flowers, bored animals and regular pedestrians.

She finds a solution to the happiness: the sun and the tulip flower. To get near at the sunlight, she runs on foot, ignoring a surprised driver and a police trying to seize her. When she reaches the topmost skyscraper, she shows a pot of tulip and it opens, releasing a great wave of colorful joy throughout the world. Animation is similar to Pray, except the woman is brown-haired and curly haired, and the setting is a floating stage on space with hanging stars.

She dances more softly than blond-haired woman. A Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga steals money from the bank, but is arrested by a police. From the newsletter, he is jailed but escaped quickly, in the police's surprise. He chases down the robber until the robber morphs into monster. Two main protagonists, the gunner and the warrior, has to defeat two monsters. The gunner quickly sprints across the dark forest and visits a destroy village claimed by a worm-like monster.

After she vanishes it to nowhere with her gun, the warrior continues her mission to the burning village where the villainous dragon had destroyed everything. She casts an enchanted sword magic capable to defeat the enemy with bright explosion.

Solitary 2 is the hidden song in Pump It Up Exceed 2. Solitary 2 is composed by Yahpp. Title of the anime is "Canon-D: Part of the Memories 1". She attaches her blue gem on its pupil, and she remembers the past through her flashback: She was an intruder on the floating island, and the guardians, the red canon eyes, were searching for her.

Le Code de Bonne Conduite marks the first game in the series where only one World Music license is included. World Remix is the first World Music remixed song in the series. Dignity Full Remix is the first full K-pop song in the series. The extended version of Canon-D's anime-themed BGA differences are normal-speed plot, different chase scenes, Shadow (16) - Forever Chaos the good ending.

Starting at the beginning, a female wanderer wearing snow coat walks toward the icy kingdom. When she was young, she alone ventures until she was tired, and set up the campfire. She goes PsychoMania - GumoManiacs - PsychoMania the second flashback about her younger age when her hometown was destroyed in fire, and she survived the war.

Back to present, she comforts a summoned ethereal, slimy monster and slices it with her magical sword. However, at the end, the subtitle shows: "to be continued". Both lovers run through the thunderstorm and rain, evade from skeletal creatures, hang on the windmill blades, descending with umbrellas, riding on hot air ballon, navigate Sproyro Music (Cheetah Remix) - Various - The Fedora King Original Soundtrack and other Pieces of Ga the sea from a cruise ship, and reach their home.

Both share the kiss in success. Moonlight is the remix of Ludwig van Beethoven 's " Moonlight Sonata ". A red-haired girl rides on the train, and exits through raining streets with her umbrella.

She stands at fences, closing her eyes. Schools of butterfly fish swims on water with rising bubbles, and all of the scenes are appearing in the crystal ball, which ends with "Love is a Danger Zone 2" title for a second time.

Horrid swarm of humanoid monsters invade the Earth, descending with parachutes.


Folsom Prison Blues - Truck Stop - In Concert, Incantesimo - Litfiba - 99 Live, Deas - Memory Scan, Hollow Room - The Lab - Labyrinth, Max Linen - Back To Mine, What Youll Do When Im Gone - Waylon Jennings - The Eagle, Well Have A Way Hoeing Corn - Bruce Molsky - Cant Stay Here This A-Way, Campaign Of Execution - Supremative - Servitude Of The Impurity, Let Yourself Go - Rubicon - America Dreams, Grey Zone - Quagero Imazawa - 4 Phusion, Treviso - Marco V - Unfold #3, This Old House (Eat Me Edit) - Techniques* - This Old House

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  4. Jan 30,  · This is english language version of the original soundtrack for the french movie "A Monster In Paris". The front cover credits Vanessa Paradis & Sean Lennon, plus Patrice Renson and -M- for their original score. Interludes taken from the movie A Monster In Paris. Executive production for EuropaCorp: Auguri Productions, Labo M.5/5(1).
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